Sound Design

Dave has worked with cruise ship production shows for over seven years, and now specialises in the sound design, mixing and programming of these shows across different brands, mixing desks and PA systems. Some of the shows Dave has worked on recently can be seen below.

Different Shows, Different Ships

Working across a current fleet of 10 cruise ships across several brands, Dave has now designed, mixed and programmed over 40 shows. He is always happy to be approached for future projects with new clients across the industry, whether maritime or land based.
Dave is skilled in the programming of the primary manufacturers of desks used in theatrical performances; Digico and Yamaha. 
QLab and Reaper playback systems are utilised widely in theatre, and these are software platforms Dave is proficient in. QLab programming is also available:
Click here for QLab Programming
From MADI to Dante, recordings of shows, musicians, multitracks and other live performances, Dave can assist with all stages of recording, mixing, editing and mastering including full cast recordings or rehearsal tracks for incoming casts. Cubase 10 Pro is the current DAW of choice for editing and pre-mixing tracks / stems with Waves Tracks Live or Nuendo Live being utilised for recordings.
Symphony QM2Symphony QM2
Working in theatres with different specifications, technology and PA systems can be challenging, but Dave will always strive to create the best possible sound for the product being delivered to the millions of guests who will watch the shows during their tenure. 

From 19 piece orchestras to plays, Symphonies to Special Effects, Dave will always work with you to realise the creative vision for the production. 

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